Дүрст мэдээ

10-р сар 28, 2019


With an aim to preserve the historic buildings which are the symbol of Mongolian national value and cultural heritage, the Arts Council of Mongolia is implementing the “Cultural Treasure” project funded by the MCS Holding LLC since January 2019.

As part of this grants program, ACM has been running a landscaping project developing the two-hectare land use plan for the Choijin Lama Temple Museum approved by the Metropolitan Urban Planning and Development Authority. According to the recommendation, analysis and review of an expert panel for monitoring and analysis of restoring historical buildings at the National Center for Cultural Heritage, the landscaping work inside the brick wall of Choijin Lama Temple Museum finished in June.   

While performing the landscaping, there was gardening work completed in a 4800 square meter area with the planting of new suitable shrubs based on the study of “The Institute of General and Experimental Biology”. Also “The Institute of History and Archaeology” conducted an archaeological test study and identified the old walkways, ruins of temples and stone monuments. Ruins of demolished temple building and old historic walkways revealed as exhibits at museum complex.

Furthermore, the old walkways in the museum were not meeting the standards and therefore 600 square meters of new symmetric walkway has been restored at the site. A architectural facade lighting system has been installed to increase the uniqueness of the the Choijin Lama Temple museum architecture and enhance the charm of the capital city.

As a result of the “Cultural Treasure” grant project of Arts Council of Mongolia and MCS Holding LLC, the historical building of Choijin Lama Temple museum has been renowned for their walkway that meets the needs of visitors and improves the green park areas in the city, providing a pleasant environment for the public. More over this project has contributed significantly to improve conservation and protection of cultural monuments.