Дүрст мэдээ

7-р сар 18, 2022


Withing the frame work Commemorating the 2230th and 2231st anniversary of the Foundation of the first Mongolian State, 815th and 816th anniversary of founding of the Great Mongol Empire, 110th and 111th anniversary of the Restoration of National Freedom and Independence, and 100th and 101st anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution and local and international promotion of nomadic culture and expansion of cultural outreach “Culture Naadam” during July 11-12, 2022 and Horse trainers’ Naadam on the July 13, 2022 will be organized with the sponsorship of “Rio Tinto Mongolia” in collaboration with Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture and Arts Council of Mongolia, heritage bearers, artists at Khui doloon khudag horse race valley’s “Mongol Naadam” complex.

The core concept of the 14th “Culture Naadam” is based on the UNESCO Inscriptions on the List of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage from Mongolia, which safeguards the identity, pride and national values. The program includes “The Most Excited” performance, “Grand yurt” ethnic rituals performance, “Three manly games” theatrical performance, “Borjigon culture yurt”, “Western Mongolian yurt”, “Traditional Kazakh yurt” and interactive stations of “Traditional Games”, “Face painting and portrays”, “Calligraphy”, “Felt crafts”, “Mongolian costumes”, “Red Ger” creative space, “Archery”, “Fermented mares milk”, “ZEV” AR museum presentation, ”Purification by Wind” installation, along with “Giant Mongolia” sculptures and “Wonders of Horsemen” show. 

By stopping at the stations guests will not only observe, yet also will participate and receive hands on experience. The program features “Silver tree-2021” recipient “Upstanding White Triangle” ethnic modern dance performance. 

Nomadic art festival “Culture Naadam” is co-organized by National Naadam Organizing Committee, MNUAC, ACM, “Mongol Naadam” complex, Ulaanbaatar City Mayor’s Office, Chingeltei District Governor’s Office and sponsored by “Rio Tinto Mongolia”, which supports cultural heritage.

“Culture Naadam” was initiated in 2008 and it became an official part of National Naadam celebrations since 2015. Currently it’s one of the main events, that Mongolians await throughout the year.